5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Child’s Fibre Intake

Why is Fibre Essential? 

Fibre is important for a child’s digestive system and overall health. It helps to promote regular, smooth bowel movements, heart health, and good blood flow (1). Whole grains, fruits and vegetables are high in fibre, therefore, encouraging your child to eat more fibre-rich foods means their diet will also likely include a greater variety of vitamins and minerals (1).

How Much Fibre Do Children Need?

Health Canada’s current recommendations for adequate intake of dietary fibre is highlighted below: 

Table 1. Adequate Intake Values for Fibre (3) 

Age (years)

Recommended Adequate Intake (grams/day)

1 - 3


4 – 9


9 - 13





14 - 18




5 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Fibre Intake!

  1. Choose whole grain foods! Canada’s Food Guide recommends one-quarter of your child’s plate consist of whole grains (4). Some great high-fibre, whole grain additions to your plate are: green peas, brown rice, chickpeas, whole wheat pasta, apple slices, and quinoa (5).
  2. Avoid peeling your produce! Up to 31% of a vegetable's total amount of fibre can be found in its peel (2).
  3. Make snacks beneficial! When purchasing pre-packaged snacks look for foods with 2 or more grams of fibre per serving. These are a source of fibre. For a shortcut to homemade, fibre-full snacking,  try our Goodums oatmeal cookie mixes!
  4. Lean on legumes! Legumes are a great source of fibre and protein. Add lentils, beans, and peas to your child’s salads, soups, or wraps.
  5. Use fibre-rich ingredients when making some of your child’s favourite snacks and treats! Some examples include using whole wheat flour instead of white flour, adding wheat bran to baking mixes, or using nuts and fruits as toppings.




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Written by: Sarah Qaheri, BASc. (c)