Five easy snack ideas

At Goodums, we’re big fans of snacking. That’s because active kids need energy to do the things they love. And choosing healthy snacks can give them the nutrition power they need to grow and be healthy.

Some studies have shown better heart health for those who snack throughout the day, including lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.. Snacking has the ability to improve diet quality if you choose snacks that are packed with nutrients.

Offer balanced snacks that include fresh fruit or vegetables, whole grains, and some protein.

Bite into these five delicious ideas:

  1. Goodums Raspberry Double Chocolate Cookie + Milk + Banana
  2. Carrot Sticks + Pepper Slices + Hummus + Whole Grain Pita Wedges + Water
  3. Goodums Apple Cranberry Cookie + Strawberries + Milk
  4. Grape Tomatoes + Cheese + Whole Grain Crackers + Water
  5. Roasted Chickpeas + Popcorn + Apple + Water
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