What Are Clean Ingredients?

Choosing food products to bring into your home is a big decision. You want nutritious and tasty options that are made with easy-to-recognize ingredients. 

Goodums wants the same thing, which is why all the products are made with high quality  ingredients that don’t hold back on taste! 

By Julia Zakrzewski, RD 

You may have heard of clean ingredients or clean eating on social media or in the news, but did you know these words don’t always mean the same thing? They are very popular buzzwords that persuade you to believe certain foods are healthier than comparable options, which may not be true. 

Some versions of clean labels in the media refer to foods with no artificial flavours and additives. We have our own vision of clean labelling practices, and we have made a personal decision to use real food ingredients for our cookies that are easy to recognize and delicious. 

Ingredients You Can Recognize 

To help you feel more confident bringing foods into the home to prepare with your kids, Goodums has chosen ingredients that are easy to recognize and that are wholesome

We think they are wholesome because the cookies mixes are made with whole ingredients packed with vitamins and minerals such as whole grain rolled oats, whole grain oat flour, quinoa, flax seed and natural fruit and vegetables.

Goodums has opted to omit artificial flavours or preservatives in our products. Although some of these additives are safe and approved to consume in Canada, we have decided to rely on other natural ingredients to deliver a wow factor in flavour. These include: 

  • Semi-sweet lecithin-free chocolate chips
  • Certified Gluten-free rolled oats
  • Organic cocoa powder
  • Natural dried fruits such as raspberries and carrots (like these raspberry cookies)
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Organic ground flaxseed
  • Cinnamon

Whole Grains 

Our award-winning healthy cookie mixes are made with whole-grain ingredients. Including whole grains in the diet is recommended because it is a great source of fiber. Health Canada has published data that shows only half of Canadians meet their daily fiber goals.  

Dietary fiber is necessary to help your bathroom habits stay regular. It also helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of several types of digestive-related cancers. 


We’ve selected add-ins for our cookies, such as quinoa, to add more protein than a standard cookie recipe. Bumping up the protein content in your snacks can help you feel full longer after eating, and it also helps support new cell and tissue growth. 

Do I Need to Worry About Clean Ingredients? 

Prioritize buying minimally processed foods as often as possible. Add different coloured fruits and vegetables to your diet to help you get enough vitamins and minerals to maintain your health. 

When buying something packaged, choose products from a reputable brand you trust, like Goodums. We strive to use wholesome, yummy ingredients, and all our nutrition claims are based on science. 

Why Choose Our Product? 

Every recipe is carefully tested before it reaches our consumers. Every cookie must deliver on simplicity, taste, and high-quality nutrition. Whenever you pick a Goodums cookie mix, you can feel confident you are bringing a product into your home that is delicious and with your family’s health in mind. 

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