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At Goodums, we are committed to using quality, nutritious ingredients that you can recognize and feel good about. Thought and care were taken to create a delicious blend of ingredients that serve up goodness. We also took time to select ingredients that do not contain artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

Several ingredients are whole grain and organic, offering you a wholesome bake mix. In fact, our products have enough whole grains to earn the Whole Grains stamp. Our dried fruits and vegetables are prepared in a way to retain much of their original colour, texture and nutritional value.


We use delicious flakes of dried apples that are a source of fibre, and vitamins C and K. Both of these vitamins help build healthy bones. As well, vitamin C helps your body absorb the iron in plant foods such as oats. These flakes are simply apples with a touch of rice flour to prevent the flakes from sticking together.


We use premium air-dried, shredded 100% carrots. Carrots contain beta-carotene, which your body converts to vitamin A. Vitamin A helps your eyes and skin stay at their peak .


Dried cranberries are high in antioxidants and vitamin C, and are a great addition to any cookie mix.


Our premium freeze-dried raspberry granules are simply 100% raspberries. Raspberries contain fibre and antioxidants that are good for your overall health. They add great texture and taste to our double chocolate cookie.

Organic Whole Grain Oat Flour

Our whole grain oat flour comes from crushing rolled oats that are grown in Western Canada. Oat flour contains all the benefits of whole oats. This and other organic ingredients have been grown without any pesticides or herbicides.

Organic Rolled Oats

Rolled oats are a whole grain, meaning they contain all three parts of the grain. Eating whole grains is linked with better health, such as lowering your risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Oats are a source of heart-healthy soluble fibre, B vitamins and contain iron. Our rolled oats are grown in Western Canada.

Organic Quinoa Flour

Our quinoa is a whole grain that comes from South America, and is higher in protein compared to other grains. This special grain adds even more nutrition to our cookies.

Ground Flax Seed

This tiny but mighty seed contains fibre, heart healthy omega-3 fats, and lignans (natural plant compounds which lower the risk of some cancers). Grinding flaxseed allows your body to absorb these beneficial compounds. .

Organic Cane Sugar

Our golden-coloured sugar is a less processed form of sugar. It’s what’s left when natural sugar cane juice is evaporated. Organic cane sugar comes from farms that use sustainable farming practices. We used a small to moderate amount of sugar in our bake mixes. .


The great chocolatey taste of cocoa comes with a side of healthy flavonoids. These antioxidants repair damaged cells in your body.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

These premium chocolate chips contain three simple ingredients: organic cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate and cocoa butter. Made without lecithin.